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Kitchen cleaning and maintenance use taboo


1. Stainless steel cookers should not be wiped with a hard scouring pad, steel ball or chemical. Use a soft towel, a soft scouring pad, or a stainless steel brightener.

2. Marble countertops cannot be rubbed with toluene, otherwise it is difficult to remove white spots. It should be rubbed with a soft scouring pad.

3. Oil stains on ceramic products such as sinks, wash masks, toilets, bathtubs, etc., can not use scouring pads, steel balls, metal brushes containing abrasive particles, and neutral and weak alkaline cleaners are preferred.

4. The scale cannot use the acid detergent powder, dilute hydrochloric acid, etc., which will damage the glaze and lose its brightness.

5. If the rust is sprinkled with detergent, it will not be cleaned for a long time, and the enamel will change color. Apply clean porcelain and other timely cleaning.

Using the strong decontaminating scouring pad sponge to make more convenience and comfortable.

Cleaner Sponge

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